Safeguard Plus Anti-Bacterial
     Greenlam Safeguard Plus Anti Bacterial Laminates retard the growth of nearly 99% of common form of bacteria on any decorative surface. Greenlam Safeguard Plus Laminate surface is produced by permanently incorporating a US-EPA approved, well known and widely used anti microbial agent during the manufacturing. The anti microbial agent used for manufacturing these laminates is also a common ingredient in many cosmetics and oral hygiene products in everyday use.

Common Bacteria Eradicated when you use Greenlam Safeguard Plus Laminates in your Interiors:
• Staphylococcus Aureus • Streptococcus Faecalis
• Escherichia Coli • Klebisella Pneumoniae

Greenlam Safeguard plus is available in 2 variants:
• Anti Bacterial Laminates • Anti Bacterial Compact Grade Laminates
Come in 1mm (Standard Grade) thickness. Come in a range of 4mm to 18mm thickness.

Our Application Areas:
In all our activities in daily life, we strive to make the minimum Impact on the environment, where it is unavoidable, we strive to reduce the negative effects as much as possible. In this endeavour, Greenlam Safeguard Plus Anti Bacterial Laminates play a vital role in protecting your personal space from all harmful microbes and bacterial agents and also improving the décor.

The anti bacterial laminates may be used in all areas where a laminate is applicable, especially