Compact Laminate Board
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     Adorn your decor with the best in design, quality and performance worktop laminates, manufactured to give a magnificent look to your residential and commercial space. Compact laminates and extensively used for both vertical and horizontal applications in various set-ups like:

• Restroom Cubicles
• Partitions
• Lockers
• Worktops
• Kid's Furniture
• Lab Furniture
• School Furniture
Greenlam's collection of Compact Grade Laminates is available in standard thicknesses ranging from 4mm-18mm. They are engineered to meet special requirements such as:

Exceptional self support properties
• Greater dimensional stability and flatness
• Resistance to abrasion
• Resistance to water
• Resistance to fire
• Excellent hygienic characteristics.
• Resistance to harmful chemicals and organic solvents
• Simple and quick assembly without the need for edging and adhesives
• Emits low level of harmful gases and fumes, in case of combustion

     The outstanding characteristics of Greenlam Compact Grade Laminates make them ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications where the surface should be functional, durable and decorative. Greenlam Compact Grade Laminates are available in various sizes i.e.

Available Size: - 1220x2440 mm.(4x8ft),
                          - 1300x3050 mm (4.25x10ft),
                          - 1525x3660 mm (5x12ft),
                          - 1830x3660mm.( 6x12 ft.)

Available Thickness: 2-25 mm.

Construction :